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How to tighten sagging skin on face

Facial saggy skin treatment fredericton

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin, there is hope! It may be possible to tighten sagging skin on your face and neck without surgery. This article will share what you need to know about how to tighten your facial skin with the most popular treatments, including how they work, side effects, risks, and more.


Let’s first discuss Sagging Skin.

Loose facial skin is when the underlying layers of your face, including fat and muscle tissue, start to droop down below their normal positions. This process occurs naturally as gravity takes hold while we age, but it can also happen if you have lost a significant amount of weight in a short period or after childbirth. Usually, sags are spotted around the cheeks and neck with some puffiness too.

If left untreated, this condition will inevitably worsen over time, making expressions difficult because certain muscles that are important for speech become immobilized by these changes. Eventually, one may lose interest in going out socially due to embarrassment about how they look, which leads to feelings of isolation.


Why your skin sage?

Skin sagging is caused by the loss of elasticity, which can be accelerated by a number of factors. The natural process of aging makes the skin lose its tightness and firmness as it accrues age spots, creases, or wrinkles (especially around the eyes). Losing weight quickly will also cause your skin to sag because muscle tissue begins to droop down below its normal positions due to gravity.

There's no need to worry when it comes to saggy facial skin since advanced beauty treatments range in complexity depending on what type suits each person's needs best. Some options I am going to discuss which are more popular and are those really effective?


Creams for loose facial skin

This is mostly considered the first line of treatment for loose skin. But unfortunately, this is not an effective way to treat loose facial skin. Even I don’t consider it a treatment but a Joke. You will see many creams to tighten your skin over the internet, but most of them are fake. So I always suggest to my clients that they shouldn't spend their money on these creams and go for something more efficient, which I will discuss next.


Non-surgical facial skin tightening treatment

One non-invasive facial skin tightening procedure (non-surgical facelift) is Venus freeze, a state-of-the-art technology (based on RF energy and electromagnetic field) that tightens the skin by stimulating and contracting it.

This multipolar radiofrequency produces a thermal response in the tissue, allowing the body to respond to its natural healing process. In turn, collagen and elastin fibers are formed, and fibroblasts are produced at an increased rate. Your skin becomes firmer as its collagen contracts, making it look and feel more elastic and furthered by unraveling the elastin fibers.

The best thing about the treatment is there's no downtime or side effects. It works as well for people with a loss of volume near their cheekbones and other facial areas.  Even the procedure is suitable for all your other body areas like arms, legs, abdomen and bra line, etc... For ideal results, you will need more than one session. It is an affordable, effective, and most modern way to tighten your facial skin without pain.

If you are in Fredericton and looking for a safe, non-surgical facelift, then you can visit Vibrant Salon and Spa and book your appointment to improve your saggy skin.


Surgical facelift

The surgical facelift, also called plastic surgery, is a surgical procedure for removing wrinkles on the skin and tightening the sagging tissues of your face, neck, and upper chest.

The surgery can also be used to "re-position" muscles beneath the skin in order to tighten them up again. For example, it's often helpful with those who have suffered from paralysis or stroke because they might not have muscle tone anymore.

A facelift is usually performed under general anesthesia, which means that you will be asleep during surgery; however, some people are able to remain awake by choosing local anesthesia instead.

A surgeon makes an incision below your hairline at ear level and then pulls down the tissue along your jawbone so as to create more fullness around this area of your face. This is the most painful and expensive treatment and only performed by a certified medical practitioner.

Surgical skin tightening treatment has many side effects, and you should do proper research if you want to go for this type of solution.


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