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How to get rid of female facial hair?

Female facial hair removal Fredericton

Most females have both body and facial hair, but the facial hair is typically thin and light-colored. It is hardly noticeable. Even a moderate amount of facial hair (also called Vellus hair) is considered normal for women and is nothing to be ashamed of. The hair growth may be extensive and coarse for some women. If you are bothered by excess facial hair or have concerns about it, there are several ways to remove it. This article will provide you with some salons spas and home based treatments to remove unwanted hair from your face.


Spas and Salons Based facial hair removal treatments.


Face Waxing

It is safe to wax your face. Professional waxing won't make your skin dull if done correctly. Instead, it brings a natural glow to the skin. Waxing offers an amazing feeling of smoothness and evenness to your skin. When waxing, you not only remove unwanted facial hair, you also remove dry and dead skin cells as well! Unwanted hair is eliminated completely from its roots through facial waxing. It is not unusual for waxing to cause skin irritation or skin sensitivity since there are very few artificial substances used. The procedure is painful, so if you can't tolerate the pain, you can go for other treatments like Dermaplaning or Laser hair removal.



Sugaring can also be an option for you to remove unwanted facial hair if you want the treatment with entirely natural ingredients. This works the same as waxing but involves natural ingredients (sugar, lemon and water) instead of wax. It can be painful for some clients.



People who are suffering from excessive vellus hair on their face may benefit from dermaplaning. These hair build-up dirt and oils, so removing those gives you healthier and smoother-looking skin. The dead skin is removed at the same time along with the facial hair, leaving the face soft and charming. Furthermore, dermaplaning facial also makes it easier for skincare products to penetrate the skin, allowing makeup to apply smoothly.


Laser facial hair removal treatment

If you are looking for a treatment to remove hair from your face permanently, then laser hair removal treatment is the best choice for you. With laser therapy for removing the hair, the hair is exposed to the laser beam bursts that can permanently destroy the follicle of hair, destroying the source of hair growth. The therapy has been used widely in almost all medical spas for a long time. The treatment is not painful, and there is almost no downtime. So if you are tired from other facial hair removal treatments and wants a permanent solution, laser facial hair removal treatment is a great option. Keep in mind you need a couple of sessions to get rid of facial hair completely.


Home Based Facial hair Removal Treatments



Those epilators are meant to be fast and easy ways for females to get rid of that unwanted hair from their face. They work like tweezing or waxing do by pulling the hair from the roots. Unlike tweezers, these devices have rotating discs and moving parts that capture every hair straight from the root and pull them out of the skin. Epilating can significantly worsen ingrown hair for those prone to them. Epilation will cause your skin to be red, so don’t use this device if you have sensitive skin.



Generally, shaving is non-painful and can last several days or longer, depending on the rate of hair growth within each individual. Additionally, shaving promotes healthy skin by exfoliating, resulting in a softer, shinier complexion. There may be side effects such as redness, irritation, cuts, scabs, itching, or infection after the procedure.


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