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How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extensions for beginner?

best eyelash extensions guide

Eyelash extensions are a popular way to boost your look and can add length, thickness, and volume to your lashes. However, there are many different types of extensions, so it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. In this article, we'll give you tips on how to choose the best eyelash extensions for your needs.


What to Consider When Choosing Extensions:

When choosing eyelash extensions, one of the most important factors to consider is the length, curl and thickness of the lashes. You'll also need to decide on the color of the extensions, as well as how they will be applied (by a professional or at home). The price and aftercare required for eyelash extensions can also vary depending on the salon and spa you choose. So what you should do let’s discuss.


Length of the Extensions

When choosing extensions, it is important to consider the length you want. If you want a dramatic look, go for longer lashes. If you want a more natural look, shorter extensions may be better for you.

The length of the extensions also depends on your eye shape. If you have round eyes, go for longer lashes to elongate your eyes. If you have almond-shaped eyes, shorter lashes will look better on you.

Be sure to consult with an experienced eyelash technician to find thebest lash extension style and length for you.


Curl of the Extensions

When you are choosing lash extensions it is important to keep in mind the curl of your natural lashes. If you have straight lashes and get extensions with a very curled shape, they will stick out at odd angles from your natural lash line and look unnatural. Conversely, if you have curly lashes and get extensions with a more straight shape, they will lie flat against your lash line and again look unnatural.

To find the best extension shape for your own lashes, take into account their natural curl. For example, if your lashes are very curly, choose an extension style that has more of a curve to mimic the shape of your own lashes. If your lashes are quite straight, choose an extension style that has less of a curve so that it doesn't stick out as much from your lash line.


Thickness of the Extensions

Choosing the thickness of your lash extensions will not only depend on designs, but also on the quality of your natural lashes. If your lashes are thin and sparse, then you should choose a thinner extension to avoid overloading the natural lash. If you have healthy lashes, then you can choose a thicker extension for a more dramatic look.


Cost of Extensions

Price is one of the most important thing you should consider when choosing eyelash extensions, as the cheapest option may not be the best quality. Cheap eyelash extensions may be made from low-quality materials, which can lead to them falling out or looking unnatural. More expensive extensions tend to be made from better materials and are more likely to look natural and last longer. It is worth spending a little extra money on high-quality lash extensions in order to get the best results.


Health and Safety of Eyes

When you are looking for eyelash extensions, it is important to find an experienced and qualified technician. There are a few things to consider when choosing lash extensions specialists. One of the most important factors is the health and safety of your eyes. Some technicians use adhesives that can be harmful to your eyes. It is important to ask about the adhesive used and what type of glue remover is used. Another thing to consider is the type of lashes that will be used. There are several different types of lashes, including synthetic and mink lashes. So choose lashes and your service provider wisely.


Maintenance and Care

When considering eyelash extensions, it is essential to prefer both the time commitment and aftercare needed to maintain your look. Extensions can last anywhere from two to six weeks, but must be maintained in order to keep them looking their best. This means using a special eyelash cleansing solution and avoiding products that could strip away the adhesive. It's also important to avoid getting the extensions wet, as this can cause them to fall off prematurely. Aftercare is just as important as the initial application, and should be followed closely in order to prolong the life of your extensions.


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