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How Often Should You Get a Professional Manicure and Pedicure?

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Having great-looking hands and feet is an important part of any look, making manicures and pedicures a necessity for many. How often should you get a professional manicure and pedicure services? While there are no rules when it comes to this cosmetic treatment, it’s good to know what the experts recommend so you can make sure your hands and feet always look their best.  In this article, we will explore the general recommendation.


What is Professional Manicure & Pedicure?


A professional manicure & pedicure is a luxurious experience that can do wonders for your hands and feet. Not only does it keep them looking beautiful, but it also makes them healthy. Using specialized tools, products, and techniques, a nail technician can thoroughly clean, shape, and polish your nails to ensure they look their best. 


A professional manicure typically involves filing, buffing, and shaping your fingernails, followed by a polish application. It can provide a neat and polished appearance to the nails, making them look well-maintained.. Not only does this type of manicure improve the aesthetic look of the nails, but it can also help to protect them from damage.


A professional pedicure includes trimming and shaping your toenails using specialized tools, tending to your cuticles, exfoliating the foot for a smoother appearance, and massaging the foot with lotion or oil, as well as painting the nails with a special base coat and two layers of colour.


Is Professional Mani Pedi better than DIY treatment?


If you want to pamper yourself with a luxurious manicure or pedicure treatment, then a nail salon is the way to go. Not only will you get the benefit of having expertly done nails, but you'll also get to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing experience. Professional nail salons offer various nail care services, including nail arts. Plus, they use quality products designed to last longer than if you did it yourself at home.


Regular Manicures and Pedicures Benefits


Pedicures or Manicures are an important part of a beauty routine, but they offer more than just pretty nails. Besides making nails look neat and tidy, these beauty treatments can have positive health benefits for your hands and feet.


Skin and Nails Health


Regular pedicure and manicure treatments provide deep moisturizing to the skin around the nails to help them remain soft, hydrated, and healthy. They can even suggest different products to use if you have brittle or weak nails that need some extra care and attention. Many salons now offer specialized treatments such as paraffin wax soaks which help to nourish cuticles while providing an all-around relaxing experience.


Prevent Infections 


A professional pedicure will help remove any dead skin cells that may have built up over time as well as soften rough patches of skin that could be susceptible to cracking. Many people suffer from uncomfortable foot conditions, such as corns, calluses, fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and Athlete's foot. Most of these conditions can be improved or even cured with professional treatment. 


Improve Circulations


Regular nail care treatments can help improve blood circulation by stimulating nerve endings in the hands, arms, legs, and feet. This stimulation helps to increase oxygen flow throughout the body, which can relieve tension, reduce stress levels, promote relaxation, and even reduce pain in some cases. Massages included with manicures and pedicures also aid in this process by targeting specific pressure points that release tension from tired muscles. The combination of massage movements along with lotions or oils used during a hand or foot massage further helps to relax the body while improving overall circulation.


How often should you get a manicure and pedicure?


It all depends on several factors, including your own choice. Our general recommendations are as follows:


How often should you get a Manicure?


Manicures help keep your nails looking groomed and healthy while providing an opportunity to accessorize with nail polish color designs. While some prefer shorter intervals between manicures, two weeks is the best interval as it allows enough time for natural nail growth while keeping them in good condition.


How often should you get a Pedicure?


Generally, it's recommended that the average person should get a pedicure about once a month for the best results. However, this can depend on how often you wear open or closed-toe shoes and how active you are. If you're an avid runner or someone who wears sandals all summer long, then you may want to increase the frequency of your visits. 


If wearing closed-toe shoes mostly throughout the year is part of your routine, then getting a pedicure every 2 months could be sufficient for keeping your feet looking their best. This will also depend on how much time and effort you're willing to commit; if maintaining perfect feet is high on your priority list, then more frequent appointments may be necessary.


Remember, if you are a diabetic patient, you should only get a special medical pedicure. Your nail technician can advise on how often you should get this treatment based on their evaluation of your feet’s condition.


Post Treatment Aftercare


Post treatment aftercare is essential for maintaining healthy, strong nails that look their best at all times. Proper pre-manicure & pedicure treatments should be followed by post-treatment aftercare to ensure that the results of the professional service last as long as possible. 


The most important step in proper nail care between trips to the salon is to moisturize regularly. Keeping hands and feet hydrated helps protect them from environmental damage and other factors that can contribute to dryness and brittleness. Regularly applying lotion or cream will help keep cuticles soft, soothed, and moisturized; this encourages natural nail growth while helping them remain healthy over time.


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