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Gel Nails or Acrylic Nails, Which one is the best?

Fredericton Nail Salons

Nail art is getting more popular than the conventional practice of only applying nail polishes. Nowadays, you literally do not need to own a good kit of nails to revamp your natural nails, because now there are various options available like acrylic nails and gel nails. Both look beautiful and attractive that most people would not even be able to guess that those are not real. Plenty of False nails options available in the market, also are not that costly and can be simply applied onto your natural nails. Most professional nail salons are well known for making stunning nails by using the false ones, especially on festivals like Christmas or new year’s, special occasions, or even at weddings, where the demand for these artificially improved nails can be definitely gauged.


Though most nail salons offer you the opportunity to select between gel nails or acrylic nails, however, it is always helpful to find out which may look more beautiful on your nails, and which option will offer you the long-lasting results. Both acrylic and gel nails are equally popular, and both types make your nails look superb and fabulous, the main difference in both is their formulation. There are somewhat a few more differences in both of the types, and you can choose the best one by analyzing the below information. 

Gel Nails

Gel nails are apparently in gel form and a blend of pre-mixed monomer and polymer gel. The gel liquid is applied to the nails and then cured either under LED lights or with a special gel activator if the gel nails types are non-UV cured. Gel nails provide a more natural look as compared to acrylic nails, and they are also considered less damaging to its counterpart. Furthermore, most people choose gel nail because it's odorless, also feels and looks real, and offers long-lasting results. Gel nails do not need the lift, polish, or backfills, and once removed carefully, do not hurt or damage the nail like acrylic nails sometimes do. Moreover, the gel nail polish works as a protecting shield against everything that may damage or weaken your nails. Gel nails naturally have a shinier, clear, and non-yellowish look. Normally two hours are required to complete this application. For removing gel nail, you should visit your nearest nail salon and spa because they know to how to remove it without damaging your natural nails.

Acrylic Nails

Basically, they are made with a combination of polymer and liquid acrylic, and once this mixture is applied, it typically cured within a couple of minutes. Both the acrylic and gel nails help in lengthening your nails, making them healthier, and apparently adding gloss to your nails. One of the basic reasons acrylic nails are more common is because they have been around longer and are widely available on most of spa and salon. Acrylics can be applied to a portion of the nail to create the tip effect or over a whole nail. A combination of acrylic powder and liquid is applied to the nail to create any shape; it then cured on its own in a couple of minutes. With acrylic, you can pick from a range of designs such as French tips, white tips, and even nail repairs. Acrylic nails offer durable and long-lasting results as compared to gel nails. Just like any other false nails, especially the acrylic nails, there is a risk involved to develop and catch a fungal infection during and after the acrylic application procedures. So, it is very important to clean cuticles and the nail bed. The best is to use alcohol or antiseptic before applying the acrylic nails. The results of acrylic nails can be less natural-looking and can also damage your natural nail.


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