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Foil highlights a way to transform your hair

foil highlights fredericton

Foil highlights are one of the coolest and latest trends in hair coloring. Are you familiar with this hottest trend? It simply adds foil to your hair color to create a highlighted effect. Foil highlighting is a tried and true technique that has been used by hair professionals for years to create beautiful, natural-looking highlights. Find below everything about foil highlighting technique. 


What are foil highlights?

Foil highlights are hair coloring techniques that use metallic foil. This method creates a bright and shimmering look that can be very flattering. The technique is often used on blond hair to add brightness and contrast, but it can also be used on other colors to create unique effects.


How is it done?

Foil highlights are done by sectioning the hair and applying foil to small subsections of hair. The hair color is then applied to the hair, and then the foil is folded over to create a barrier between the hair and the agent. This process is repeated until all of the desired hair is highlighted.

These techniques are typically applied to hair that is medium to light brown in color. The highlights will be placed on the top layer of the hair and will be lighter in color than the natural hair color. The type of hair that can get foil highlights is typically healthy and has a good amount of natural shine.


Cost of foil highlights

Depending on the hair salon you are visiting, you can be charged for foil highlights treatment, especially in Fredericton, anywhere from $80 to $150. For Vibrant Salon and Spa pricing, you can check our hair services section for more detail.


What types of hair can get this?

The foil highlighting technique can be used on any type of hair, but it is most often used on medium to thick hair. This is because the thicker hair can hold the hair highlights better and last longer. However, to make sure you can consult with your stylist, and she/he will tell you exactly which types of highlighting technique will be suitable to you according to your hair type, length, and condition.


What are the benefits of foil highlights?

There are a few benefits to getting foil highlights.

· The hair highlights will help to brighten up your hair and make it look more vibrant.

·         They can help to cover up any gray hairs that you may have.

·         They can help to add some extra dimension and texture to your hair.

·         Finally, they can help to make your hair look healthier overall.


What are the risks?

There are a few risks associated with getting foil highlights. One is that the foil could potentially damage your hair, mainly if it's not applied correctly. Another is that the highlights might not turn out the way you expect them to, or they might fade quickly. It's also important to note that foil highlights can be more expensive than other types of highlights.

In conclusion, foil highlights are a great way to add shine and dimension to hair. The results can be stunning, and they can really brighten up your look. If you're thinking of trying out this beauty trend, be sure to consult with a stylist at Vibrant Salon & Spa, and they can help you choose the right color and style for your hair. 


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