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Everything you want to know about Pedicure

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Pedicure is a popular cosmetic beauty treatment among both men and women. Like a manicure, which is a cosmetic treatment for hands, the pedicure is for feet. But in this article, I am going to discuss everything about pedicure only, which you may want to know. 

Pedicure History

Pedicure is one of the oldest beauty treatments on the earth, and pedicuring nails was only considered a luxurious treatment in the past. You can find much evidence about manicures and pedicures in Chinese and Egyptian history. In the olden days, Mani and Pedi tools were made with Gold and used by the wealthy.


What is Pedicure?

A Simple pedicure includes foot scrubbing with a filer or pumice stone, soaking foot into warm water, nail clipping, shaping and polishing, massaging, and moisturizing feet. A good Pedi service even treats other issues like muscle cramps, foot ailment, corn, joint pain, and uneven skin. There are several types of pedicure treatments, but the most common are

Mini Pedicure

Mini Pedi is used to treat toes and nails. During service, the toes are cleansed, nails are shaped and polished. This does not involve the exfoliation process and Massage. It is the quickest type of Pedi service.

Regular Pedicure

Regular pedicure is the simplest and traditional way to beautify feet. The procedure involves soaking feet into warm water and scrubbing with filer to remove dead skin. Then nails are clipped, shaped, and polished. After drying nails, moisturizer is applied.

Spa Pedicure

Spa pedicure service involves all the regular pedicure steps, but with some additional steps and products can be offered. You can have a lot of options in spa based services like paraffin, mud mask, moroccanoil, and jelly pedicure. Paraffin wax is used to smooth the skin, while a mud mask helps remove dead skin and relax sore feet.

Jelly Pedicures is one of the best spa treatments nowadays offered in modern spas. It exfoliates the skin and helps to open your pores. As a result, your skin will get rid of all impurities, and you will have smooth and clear skin. Spa pedicure prices vary according to the type you choose.

Athletic Pedicure

Athletic pedicure is also sometimes called sports pedicure. If you are a regular runner or involved in physical sports and put extra pressure on your feet, then this is an ideal service for you. This service is also suitable for you if you have callouses and ingrown toenails. Athletic pedicure involves all the steps of a regular one but with added relaxation techniques. During the process, the technician will massage a little longer than usual to your feet for relaxing muscles.

French Pedicure

French pedicure includes all the steps of the regular treatment as discussed earlier, only application of nail polish is different. During the French Pedi process, your nail technician will apply white nail polish on the edges of your toenails and then use a coat of pink or translucent nude polish.

Pedicure Steps

These are the steps mostly involved in standard treatment.


  1. Existing nail polish is removed in the first step, and the condition of your foot skin analyzed

  2. The feet are soaked in warm water containing Epsom salt and soap liquid

  3. Cuticles will be cleaned and pushed back

  4. Feet Skin is exfoliated

  5. Nails are trimmed and shaped

  6. Moisturizer is applied

  7. Nail polish is applied to the toenail

Pedicure for Men

Pedicure offers the same benefits to men and is not women’s only beauty treatment. If you Google about “pedicure for men near me” or “nail salons for men near me” then you can see many reputable nail salons and spas offering this service. This men’s pedicure is in their service menu because of its demand. During men’s pedicure, all the steps of regular treatment are performed other than nail polish application.


Most of us think that pedicure is not a Pro job and can easily do it at home. It can be true, but if you have enough knowledge and experience. You can find DIY pedicure kits online and also from cosmetic stores. But if you don’t know how to do it correctly or want to get ideal results, then a professional place like a spa is the best option. The following information can be helpful for you to decide about this.



  • If you are diabetic or your skin is sensitive, then exfoliating the skin and eliminating calculus should be performed carefully. If the skin is broken during the procedure, this might host bacteria or fungus. So it is a good idea to visit a pedicurist if you have these issues. Reputable nail salons offer certified pedicure treatment for diabetic patients.

  • Sometimes the solutions or chemical you used in home-based pedicure is not suitable for your skin, and you may end up with skin irritation or allergic reaction. While during Spa pedicure, your service provider will examine your skin type and condition and use the products accordingly. So for beautifying your feet, a spa or nail salon is the best place for you.

  • Nails trimming and shaping is not an easy task, especially when you want to have long nails. You may develop ingrown toenails because of improper trimming at home. Professionals at nail salons can do the job better because they are skilled and have the proper tools to use.

  • Doing a pedicure at home can be a good idea if you are interested in DIY Pedicure then this Porch article has good information, but you will have limited options. At the spa, you can choose any pedicure from several types. At home, you will also have limited choices when applying nail polish. But nail salons can offer you various nail arts, gel nails, acrylic nails, and several nail paint selections.

Never focus on a single factor like a cheap pedicure or manicure while visiting spas. Skilled estheticians, quality services, and a healthy environment should be top of your list. In other cases, if instruments are not sterilized properly, or your service provider is not skilled enough, you can end up with a terrible experience.


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