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Dying your hair platinum blonde - a guide for beginners

Platinum Blonde Fredericton

If you're considering dying your hair platinum blonde, it's important to know about this incredible trending hair color trend. This guide will outline everything from the basics of hair color to the best methods for achieving that platinum hue. Whether you're a beginner or regularly dying your hair, read on to get started!


What is Platinum blonde?

Platinum blonde color is one of the most popular hair colors in the world. It is usually very light in color and can be very difficult to maintain due to its sensitivity to the sun and other elements. The hair may need to be lightened significantly before platinum blonde can be achieved, and the hair may also require multiple treatments.

Platinum hair color is a beautiful shade of blonde that is lighter in color and cooler than ash, silver, or metallic blondes. This color is perfect for women who want to add some brightness and contrast to their look without having to use a ton of dye. It can be achieved by using a lightener or oxidizer, depending on your desired results.


Who is a best candidate?

Some might say that any skin tone can rock platinum blonde, but others believe that those with cool skin tones have the most success. Porcelain skin tones with pink undertones look stunning against the bright white hue of platinum hair, whereas those with warmer skin tones can still pull off the look, but it will be a bit more challenging. If you have a cool skin tone and are considering going platinum, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Stick to shades of white, light silver, and pale pink when choosing your clothes and makeup. These colors will complement your complexion and make you look even more radiant with platinum hair.

  2. Avoid wearing too much black or dark colors; they will only make you look washed out next to your bright hair color.


A cool skin tone generally suits platinum blonde hair best. This is because cool skin tones have pink undertones, which are enhanced by platinum blonde hair. If your skin tone is warm, with yellow undertones, platinum blonde may not be the best color for you, as it will likely clash with your skin tone. Instead, consider light shades of brown or even black if you want to go dark.


Can it be used to cover Grey hair?

The answer is yes... and no. Platinum blonde can be used to lighten any existing grey hair, making them less visible against the lighter color of the hair around them. However, if you're starting with mostly grey hair, platinum blonde is not likely to be able to achieve 100% coverage. In that case, you may need to go with a slightly darker shade that's closer to your natural color in order to get better coverage.


How many sessions?

Depending on your hair color and starting point, it will generally take 2-3 sessions to achieve your desired level of platinum blonde. Your stylist will need to lighten your hair gradually, using progressively lighter shades of blonde until you reach the desired color. This ensures that your hair is healthy and doesn't get damaged in the process. So, if you're thinking about going platinum blonde, be sure to schedule a few appointments with your stylist!



If you're a platinum blonde, it's important to take care of your hair color with the right products and avoid over-shampooing. Shampooing less frequently and using a dry shampoo can help keep your color looking bright and shiny. Even your hairstylist can give you some tips that how you can manage your hair for long lasting results.


Our hair salon offers a variety of hair color treatments, including platinum blonde, so our clients can find the perfect shade for them. Visit Vibrant Salon and Spa to book your appointment and get ready for a trendy platinum blonde look.


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