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Dermaplaning a best way to exfoliate your facial skin

Dermaplaning Fredericton

Loose and deep skin are some of the most common problems and considered aging signs. Eliminating both of these problems in one treatment can be challenging, but it is possible. Dermaplaing is one of the best procedures of doing so. It is a safe and non-invasive skincare treatment. The treatment is beneficial to remove dead skin cells and facial hair. It exfoliates all of the pores on your facial skin build-up and reduces wrinkles that can begin showing in this area. It also eliminates any random peach fuzz you may have on your facial skin, making you look much younger after the treatment. Dermaplaning has no downtime and will effectively smooth acne scars and offer you completely smooth skin and a brighter complexion.

Dermaplaning is one of the best skincare treatment numerous people are choosing to use in exfoliating their skin. The brilliant skin afterglow is the biggest reason why many people choose dermaplaning skin treatment.

How Dermaplaning Works?

Dermaplaning a facial skin treatment that is considered best to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells without any side effect. During the procedure, a special blade is used at a 45-degree angle and dragging gently across the skin. The treatment helps to remove scar tissues, dead cells, and any other debris that might cause your skin tone to look patchy. A maximum of 30 minutes needs to complete the procedure. At the end of the treatment, the provider may apply a soothing cream to your skin. The procedure is considered painless, although you may feel slight tingles during the process.

Is it a safe treatment?

Yes, this is entirely a safe and non-invasive beauty treatment, but it should be performed in some reputable medical spa by well-trained professionals. This treatment is not DIY, so it should not be performed at home.

Is it a permanent solution?

Dermanplaning is not a permanent solution. So you need this treatment every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on your skin type and condition. The skin must complete its normal rejuvenation cycle (30 days) before the next treatment.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Remove dead skin cells 

  • Also remove facial hair

  • With dermaplaning, your skin increases a soft radiant glow that allows it to shine even brighter

  • This skin exfoliation method is also helpful if you are planning for LED light therapy or chemical peels by providing deeper product penetration

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

  • Promote brighter complexion and healthy skin

  • There is no side effects of this treatment and there is no Down Time

  • Quick results just in 30 minutes

If you have questions about Dermaplaning or any other skincare treatments then feel free to contact with Vibrant Salon and Spa team to find out which could be the best option according to your skin type and requirements.


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