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Coloring your hair is it good or bad?

Hair colour Fredericton

As we all know, most of the people in Canada have brown hair color, which is the second most common human hair color in the world. While other natural hair colors can be blond, red, black and white. Now in this modern age, everyone wants to look beautiful, and no doubt hair plays a vital role in the overall appearance of men or women. Dyeing hair is not only a fun job but transform our look and make you look younger and smart.

Hair coloring works well for anyone considering to update their style and appearance. It enhances the vitality to our personality, and people mostly tend to love the style it offers. Now there are a number of professional hair coloring techniques like Balayage, hair highlights and low lights, hair foils etc.

In the past, only people with grey hair used plant-based dyes like Henna. But in 1907 first-ever synthetic hair dye was developed. Now hair coloring with plant-based or synthetic dyes is a part of the beauty and fashion industry, and there are many techniques and shades are designed to enhance or even to change the natural color of hair. It is now a multi-billion industry, and this is enough evidence to understand the popularity of hair dyeing in the current era. In this article, you will get most of the answers to the questions related to hair coloring and will be able to find if the hair color is really good or bad for you.

Most Important Tip: How to Choose the Hair Colour

Deciding about the hair color is the most important step. The selection of the dye should be based on the result you want. Depending on whether you are highlighting your natural hair color, covering only grey hair, or want to change the natural hair colour completely. Choosing a wrong shade can make you look older and put a dent in your confidence.

Are hair dyes safe?

Because almost all box hair dyescontain chemicals so they can damage your hair if not applied correctly. I never suggest dyeing your hair at home. Hair dyeing is an entirely professional procedure where your stylist closely examines hair condition and also help you to decide about the shade which can suit your personality the best. If you get your hair colored by professionals, who know what they are doing it is not bad for your hair. They always use professional colors which are different than the ordinary one which you might buy online or from a drug store. So coloring your hair is safe when done professionally with high-quality products.

It also depends on what type of color you are going to use. Just like, bleach can be most damaging to your hair, but if a hairdresser does it, they analyze the hair and help to get desired results by using the least harmful level of developer.

Aftercare plays a vital role to prevent damage. Take good care of your hair after colour application. Use protein and moisturizer based shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Avoid heat styling. You can consult with professional colorist about which kind of shampoo and conditioner can be right for your colour treated hair.

If you want to color your hair at home, then I would recommend you should only apply plant-based dyes like Henna to avoid any damage.

Hair loss due to hair color?

Hair dyes do not affect the natural growth of hair. Only colour-treated hair can fall out (if aftercare is not done correctly), but those will regrow naturally. So hair dyes cannot fundamentally increase or cause hair loss.

Some hair color can make your hair dry and rough. So you should take extra care after using those products. You must use shampoos and conditioners specially designed for colored hair. Regular conditioning and oiling can help you to maintain your tresses. You can also use heat protection serums to protect colour-treated hair from sunlight.

Hair Coloring can cause hair whitening.

Dyeing your hair can cause hair whitening is a myth. Hair dye is applied to the hair shaft, so they do nothing with natural pigmentation process at the follicular level. Actually, while you dyed your hair, the age factor is the one which always working against you, as a result turning more hair grey. Once the hair color wears off, you notice more grey hair, and you might relate this with the hair color. So dyeing hair is the best way to cover the grey or white hair and it does not contribute to increasing the grey hair.

Tips for color treated hair to avoid hair loss

If you want to avoid hair loss after color treatment, then you should use the right products in the right way according to the type of hair and health. A professional hair health assessment can help you to choose the product which can suit you. Using a stronger hair color for getting desired results on unhealthy hair is always a bad idea. If you are unsure about your hair, products you are going to use, techniques and processes needed to color hair safely, consult with a licensed colourist for getting desired results and a better experience.

Hair coloring for men

Yes, men can dye their hair too. Most of the men apply hair dye to cover the grey one. Men’s hair colors are also being used to change or enhance the hair and beard color as a fashion. Even they have many color options available for the beard. You can find a lot of hair shades by searching “men’s hair color chart”. The best time to apply hair dye for men is the time when they go to the hair salon for a haircut or shaping their beard.

Hair color for teenager

Usually, teenagers in the current era doing a lot of things to express their individuality. Some of the examples of their expressions we can see in the way they dress, the way they have their hair cut and colored, the way they wear makeup. So teenagers can color their hair due to various reasons. For example, to enhance their look, or want to have some celebrity look or even like an adult, they probably don’t like their natural hair color, and want to change with the one which they think might improve their personality. Therefore teenage can take advantage of all the available options of hair colours like Balayage, highlights, lowlights, hair foils or color retouch. But they must need to get these hair color services from their nearest hair care specialists for ideal results.

When not to dye your hair

As you age, your hair becomes weaker. Coloring damaged hair means more damage. Dyeing your damaged, and dry hair can end up with a lousy look or even hair shedding. So you might need protein treatment at this point for making your hair stronger and healthy. And for moisturizing hair, deep conditioning is the best way which we recommend. If you want to color your hair, then you must need to repair the damage first, after treating the damage you may wear the color you wish to after consulting with your stylists.


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