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Can I choose the curl and thickness for my eyelash extensions?

What's most important for eyelash extensions is customization. Not everybody has the same natural lash characteristics, and we all want lashes that beautifully complement our eyes. That's why it's so important to have input on the curl and thickness of your extensions. Let's break down what these options entail so you can choose the perfect personalized look.

Making lashes match your features 

Eyelash extensions involve applying individual synthetic lashes that resemble real ones to your natural lashes. This enhances length and fullness. However, one size does not fit all when it comes to lashes. Getting eyelash extensions with the wrong curl or density could give you an unnatural appearance and even be uncomfortable. Professional lash artists understand that natural beauty is achieved through customization.

Eyelash extension curl options 

The curl of your lash extensions is one of the most impactful customization options. Curl refers to how sharply or gently your synthetic lashes turn upwards away from the lash line. Different curl types are suited to varying eye shapes and natural lash textures.

J curl

J lash curl offers a very subtle lift. It is ideal for clients with straight natural lashes who want a softer, natural-looking enhancement rather than a dramatic transformation. The gentle curl enhances their lashes without being overtly noticeable.

B curl

The B curl lash provides a slight curvature that is well-suited for straighter lashes. Lash techs also like to use this curl in the inner corners for an open-eyed effect. It delivers definition without a highly arched appearance.

C curl

This moderate C curl creates demonstrable lash lift. It is suitable for clients with mildly upturned natural lashes who want a lively enhancement without venturing into exaggerated territory. In fact, the C curl is considered the most universally flattering standard curl type.

D curl

For those seeking a true falsies feel, the dramatic D curl is the best bet. Its pronounced upward sweep makes even straight lashes appear lushly curved. This style is perfect for clients with downward or horizontal natural lashes hoping to draw attention upward very distinctly.

L curl

An extreme L curl lash induces an almost 90-degree angle turn. It maximally lifts eyelashes and is reserved for clients with deeply horizontal natural eyelashes or hooded eyes in need of extra elevation. Go too boldly curly, and extensions risk looking unnatural rather than enhanced.

Your lash technician can also blend curl types artfully to craft the ideal customized curl combination tailored precisely to your eye shape.

Choose the right thickness

Just as crucial as curl is choosing the right thickness for your eyelash extensions. Thickness impacts not only the dramaticness of the look but also wearability. Here are the common thickness measurement options available in Fredericton spas:

  • 0.10-0.15mm - Very fine and natural-looking

  • 0.15-0.20mm - A classic standard thickness

  • 0.20-0.25mm - Providing volume without heaviness

  • 0.03-0.05mm - Creates extremely bold fullness - For Volume Lashes

Thinner extensions result in a delicate enhancement of one's lashes, resembling mascara. Thicker lashes on the other hand induce a falsely augmented glamour girl appearance. Getting the thickness wrong could overload your natural lashes with excessive weight over time. Only lash artists can properly evaluate your lash type to recommend the most becoming thickness range.

Matching curl and thickness to your eyes

Every pair of eyes has its own characteristically flattering combinations. Here are some general guidelines on what tends to suit different eye shapes:

  1. Almond Eyes - C curl or B curl, 0.15-0.20mm thickness.

  2. Hooded or Downturned Eyes - L or L+ curls, 0.10-0.15mm thickness (can be adjusted slightly thicker based on desired volume).

  3. Round Eyes - B curl or C curl (depending on desired drama), 0.15-0.20mm thickness.

  4. Close-Set Eyes - B or C curls, 0.15-0.20mm thickness.

Go with your Pro

Always listen your lash technician. They will thoroughly assess your eyes, lashes and preferences to blend curl and density tailored just for you. Their goal is natural enhancement, not caricature. With the right customization, lash extensions can accentuate your best assets rather than fight your innate beauty.

Meet our experience lash artists in Fredericton

Our experienced lash artists in Fredericton are experts in analyzing each client's unique features to recommend bespoke curl and thickness combinations. They understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to transforming lashes.

With their guidance, you can feel confident choosing options that flatter your eyes and bring you joy rather than discomfort. Our spa prioritizes safety and creating natural-looking results our clients love. Book an appointment with one of our highly skilled lash techs by contacting Vibrant Salon & Spa.

Final thoughts

With communication and professional help, you have the power to select eyelash extension characteristics catered perfectly for your face. Remember that subtle customization can achieve beauty just as well as dramatic effects. Go in with an open mind, and your lash artist will help you find the ideal curl and thickness balance to bring out your best assets. With personalized extensions tailored uniquely for you, get ready to frame your eyes beautifully.

FAQs about lash extensions curls & thickness

What is the best curl for eyelashes?

While curl preference is subjective, the moderate C curl lash tends to flatter the most eye shapes with its well-balanced lift. It provides definition without venturing into unnatural territory for most people. 

What are 3 standard lash extension curls?

The 3 most commonly used and versatile eyelash extension curl types C, B and D.


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