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Are Lash Lifts Better Than Lash Perms?

lash lift versus lash perm

When it comes to achieving fuller, more voluminous lashes, there are a variety of treatments available. Some popular methods include lash lifts and lash perms. However, which one is better? Let's explore everything about these two treatments and see which one might be the best option for you.


The Lash Lift

Lash lifts are a new and popular way to achieve semi-permanent lash hold. This procedure works best for someone who uses a lash curler daily and wants to avoid the need for an eyelash curler altogether. Lash lifts are done in the spa by using a special silicon pad that shapes and curls your lashes. The procedure is relatively painless, and most people can return to their normal activities the day after their lash lift.

A lash lift is a service that can give your lashes a longer, fuller look. The process takes about 45 minutes and the results can last for 6-8 weeks.


How does it work?

The lash lift technician will use a medical adhesive to stick down your lower lashes, separating them from your upper lashes. They will then apply the lash lift solution to your upper lashes and wait for it to dry. Once the lash lift solution is dry, they will remove the adhesive and you're done!


Advantages of a lash lift.

Here are few benefits of lash lifts.


Longer Lashes

A lash lift is a cosmetic treatment that can give you longer-looking lashes without the need for eyelash extensions. This treatment uses non-invasive procedure to curl your lashes using silicone pads. It is a great alternative to extensions if you are looking for a more natural look, or if you don't have time for a full treatment.



Many people choose to get lash lifts because they are a relatively short, 30 to 45 minute procedure. This is much shorter than the time required for lash extensions or perms, which can take up to 2 hours. Additionally, lash lifts do not require any adhesive, so they are less likely to cause damage to your natural lashes like extensions can.


Last Longer

This service can last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on how well you take care of your lashes. It is important to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after getting a lash lift, as this will cause them to droop. You should also avoid using mascara or any other products that will add weight to your lashes.



Lash lift is affordable option when comparing with other cosmetic treatments. The price of a lash lift will vary depending on the spa you go to, but it is typically less expensive than a full set of eyelash extensions.


Maintenance Free

A lash lift is low-maintenance because it doesn’t require the use of any mascara or eyeliner. It also lasts longer, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling regular appointments.



lash lifts do not damage your natural lashes and provide a great alternative to those looking for a more natural look.


The Lash Perm

Eyelash perms are a popular beauty treatment that uses a cylindrical rod and perming solution to semi permanently curl the lashes. The result is beautiful, curled lashes that will last for weeks. Unlike traditional perms that use heat, an eyelash perm uses a gentle and cool solution that curls the lashes without damaging them.


How does it work?

Lash perm involves coating the lashes with a special adhesive and then wrapping them around mini foam rollers or equally diminutive heated clips. This holds the lashes in the curled position that you're hoping to achieve. Lash perm may be done in one session, but it takes several sets of mini foam rollers to achieve the desired curl pattern.


Advantages of a lash perm

Lash perm shares almost the same benefits as lash lift, here are some of them


Fuller Lashes

This can help to achieve fuller, longer lashes. The perming solution causes the lashes to curl around the curler, and after a few minutes the solution is washed off, leaving the lashes in their new position.


No need mascaras

The lash perm treatment leaves your lashes with a curled look that lasts for weeks. You will no longer need to use mascara or other eye makeup products to achieve a curled look because the treatment takes care of that for you. The treatment is a great way to save time in the morning when getting ready for the day.


Protect natural lashes

Another benefit of lash perms is that it can help to keep your lashes from becoming brittle or dry. This is because the perm formula helps to seal in moisture, which can help to keep your lashes looking healthy and full.


Which one is better?

Lash perm and lash lift are two similar beauty treatments that can enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Both procedures use a chemical solution to curl the lashes, but there are some key differences between them. Lash perm uses a stronger solution and is more likely to cause damage to the lashes, while lash lift is a gentler treatment that is less likely to cause harm. Lash perm also takes longer to apply, while lash lift can be completed in under 45 minutes.

So, which one is better? The answer depends on your individual needs and preferences. The lash lift works by using a silicone pad to lift the lashes and then using a perming lotion to curl them. This creates a more natural curl that lasts for weeks. The lash perm actually curls the lashes by using a chemical solution to break the bonds in the lashes, then reforming them into a new shape. This process can be a little harsher on the lashes and can cause them to become brittle over time. So, choose the service wisely.


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