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An Ultimate guide about Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent lash extensions fredericton

Wearing false eyelashes is not an easy job, so most of us don’t have the patience or time to apply these lashes every day. Even if you are an expert and can apply these false lashes accurately, you might not be happy with the results because these lashes can be easily identified and do not offer a natural look. So due to the reasons that lash extensions have become increasingly popular among men and women in recent years. This is a simple and effective method of lengthening and thickening your own natural eyelashes. And I guess you are in the majority of women who have thought about the idea of having eyelash extension done at least once. But before you decide to give them a whirl, it is worth getting familiar with some information about this beauty treatment.

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

In market you can find different types of eyelashes like Mink lashes, Silk lashes, natural mink lashes or even extensions made from natural human hair. These extensions come in different lengths, shapes, and thicknesses. All these lash extensions are used to improve the beauty of your natural lashes in different ways. Lash extensions can be applied to look as natural and beautiful as you would like. You can find cheap and expensive lash enhancement treatment options, but if you find anything much cheaper, make sure they are not using low-quality products. Also, make sure if the technician who is going to apply eyelashes is qualified enough. Never let them play with your natural lashes. Eyelash extension must be applied by an experienced lash technician only. Lash extension is a relaxing process. A technician usually completes the whole procedure within 90 to 120 minutes. If you visit the salon and spa for refills, you can expect it to be completed within one hour.

It is very relaxing, and you will feel no pain during or after the process. These semi-permanent lash extensions can last up to 3 months, depending on the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes. To have your eyelash extensions always looking their best, refills are recommended four weeks from the initial application.

Benefits of Semi-permanent lashes?

Semi eyelash extensions are used because they are a more natural looking extension. They are also easier to apply and less damaging to your own lashes.


Enhances the beauty of the eyes

Eyelash extensions are an excellent way to enhance your natural eye makeup and make it last longer. They can be used by anyone who wants to extend their lashes. It can make your eyes look bright and more attractive. You can create different looks like: smoky, natural, bold, soft, or dramatic. With extensions, you don’t have to worry about your eye makeup running while you are having a shower or doing other activities.


Prevents overgrowth of lashes

As you may know, the growth of your eyelashes is not constant. It gets thicker during the winter and thinner in the summer. With semi-permanent extensions, you can prevent the growth of your eyelashes. The result of this is that you won’t have to worry about the length of your lashes going down every day.


Gives the appearance of longer and fuller lashes

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to keep your eyelashes healthy and long. With semi-permanent lashes, you can get the look of longer and fuller lashes, while keeping them looking natural and healthy.


Makes lashes look thicker

Thicker lashes make your eyes appear more awake and youthful. With eyelash extensions, you will have a lot of options to choose from and can experiment with different styles and colors. You can choose from classic black, dark brown, or even light brown a lot of more options.



Semi-permanent lash extensions are perfect because they are absolutely low-maintenance. You must avoid getting the eyes area wet for 24 hours after getting treatment. You should also avoid any oil-based makeup removers or products around the eyes. And if you want to use mascara, remember only water-based mascara can be applied to these lashes. The greatest care for these eyelashes is just to leave them alone, which is why they are so great; you will revel in the time it saves you in the morning when you pop out of bed looking bright-eyed as though your eye makeup and mascara is already done! You can continue your day to day activities. After 24 hours of treatment, you can go for routine work out, enjoy swimming with your extensions without any problem.

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Lash Extensions for Men

Yes! Even men can have eyelash extensions. Professional men eyelash extensions are the most recent new trend to hit the beauty industry! Eyelash extensions for men have been one of the top kept celebrity guys' beauty secrets nowadays. You need to visit your nearest lash extensions specialists, and your lash tech will choose exactly the right eyelash thickness and length for you. They can give you supernatural lashes set, which will improve the attractiveness of your eyes. Nobody will notice your lash extensions, but everyone will see how good looking you are!


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