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A Vibrant Guide to Men’s Manicure

Men's manicure Fredericton

Do men need manicures? Certainly, it seems unusual. But it is not just for women to take care of their nails. The same rules apply to men as they do to anyone else's nails. An aesthetic manicure is more than just the act of grooming. 

Taking care of the nails involves more than just cleaning and polishing them. Though nail treatments have evolved over time, the purpose and results have remained the same. In this guide, we will discuss everything about men’s manicures. You may also like my other article where I discuss men’s pedicure benefits.


What’s included in males manicure

Manicures for men in nail salons begin with removing any excess cuticles. After that, a file is used to smooth and shape the nail edge so that it is rounded or square. With a buffer, the nail is buffed to reveal a smooth, shiny surface. Lastly, cuticle oil is applied to the cuticles, which will help moisture any dry skin and remove or reduce further visible damage. As a result, you'll have nails that look professionally done.


Benefits for Men

Manicures can benefit men in numerous ways, from better health to better appearance. Maintaining good nail health with regular manicures keeps them healthy, free from microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. As a result, it prevents several diseases from affecting the nails. They include fungal infections, white nails, ingrown nails, and brittle or hard nails. In addition, manicure promotes nail strength and growth.

Moreover, it helps keep the hands and nails healthy. Thus, a manicure completely eliminates the need for artificial nails and their long-term adverse effects on your fingernails. A manicure makes hands aesthetically pleasing. As a final benefit, it allows you to unwind and relax. Because during manicures treatment, the hands are massaged in a way that relieves stress and produces a long-lasting effect.


Let’s first discuss two bonus tips.


Clean your nails

You should first clean your nails before entering the treatment room. A manicurist will thoroughly clean your nails, but if you have grease under your nails, wash them with a nail brush and soap before your appointment, so your hands look clean and are thus easier to work with.


Don’t be late

As your appointment is scheduled for a specific time and typically, clients are lining up on the salon schedule, it is recommended that you arrive at least five minutes early so you can choose the color of your polish (if you want to apply nail polish) at your leisure.


What to expect during a male’s manicure


  1. The person who will do your nail care will soften your cuticles by dipping your fingertips into warm water.

  2. Special cuticle tools will be used to push back your cuticles. It doesn't hurt, but it may be the first time you've encountered something like this.

  3. Your manicurist may cut your cuticles, so they barely show up on your nails if she/he is skillful. It is one of the most challenging parts of this beauty treatment. Avoid moving your fingers and try to relax. Although this process will take only a couple of minutes, it requires a steady hand and precision work.

  4. In the end, your nails will be trimmed, and your esthetician will give you a hand massage for moisturizing your hand’s skin and nail cuticles.


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