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A Vibrant Guide to Hybrid eyelash extensions

hybrid eyelash extensions fredericton

There is a significant demand for lashes that are natural-looking but still dramatic. A hybrid option is the best way to attain the look of Kardashian lashes. Hybrid eyelash extensions are also popular in the beauty industry with the name Kardashian lash extensions. The current trend of wispy and spikey lashes available from hybrid lashes is a great way to achieve that look. For the client who wants a similar effect to strip lashes, hybrids are an excellent choice. They give a thick, wispy look and are very easy to apply. That is why it is one of the most popular beauty treatments is being offered in modern spas.


What are Hybrid eyelashes?

A hybrid lash is created by combining volume fans and classic lashes. They offer the best of both worlds and especially benefit those with sparse natural eyelashes. A hybrid treatment can slightly thicken the lashes without overdoing volume.

Hybrid eyelash extensions combine Classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions. This leaves beautiful, voluminous lashes without the unnatural appearance often associated with only using Russian volume lashes. It is also thicker and more solid at the lash line, which gives the eyelashes that full appearance that many women seek.

The hybrid eyelash extensions will appeal to clients with small eyes who have always wanted big eyes. Clients with hooded eyes are also the perfect candidate for hybrid lashes.


Is a hybrid extension long-lasting?

They usually last from two weeks to a month, just like your natural eyelashes. Generally, the lash filling should be done every two to four weeks. A hybrid fan may need a refill less often due to its denser lash line as compared to other eyelash extensions styles.


Hybrid lashes benefits

As a full volume set gives a dense and dramatic result, it also tends to be more expensive than a full set of classic eyelashes. If a client has classic lashes and would like a fuller appearance, then they can be offered a set of hybrid lashes as an option. With hybrids, clients can get a little more volume without spending more money. A hybrid fan can also reduce the amount of time needed to make volumes with hand-made volume fans.


Hybrid eyelashes cost

You can expect to pay around $197 for full-set hybrid eyelash extensions. The regular refill costs can vary anywhere between $72 to $122. As you can see, by getting hybrid lashes treatment, you are going to pay less but will get a denser look.

Are you looking for a hybrid lashes treatment in Fredericton? You can visit Vibrant Salon and Spa and book your appointment for getting this treatment. We have some of the best lash technicians in the town for classic, volume and hybrid extensions treatment.


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