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A Pro guide about Ombre hairstyle

Ombre hairstyle Fredericton

The term ombré comes from a popular type of textile fashion where the fabric is dyed so that the color graduates from a light to a dark color. But when it comes to ombré hairstyle, color graduates from dark to light. I am sorry I couldn’t tell you the exact history and the person who wear this style first, but the ombré hair coloring technique started getting famous in 2000 and still in the trend. One of the most significant advantages of ombré is it needs very little upkeep, so easy on the pocket.

What is Ombre Hair?

The ombré hairstyle can usually be described as a section of hair lightened by graduating from a level-6 warm copper blonde to a level-10 honey blonde or buttercream blonde. The highlights do not extend to the root, like most traditional styles. The highlights start anywhere from 5-9 inches from the root of the hair. This is a general description of the ombré hairstyle. One of the reasons this hairstyle is so popular is the versatility of the hairstyle. You can customize the style according to your requirement.

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Why Ombré is a popular hairstyle?

The ombré hair is a natural-looking and artistic way to look tremendous and look like you are not overly concerned with your hair color. You can say that the ombré hairstyle is a natural progression of the untouched roots that have been so popular for so long. Ombré is one of the economical, versatile, and easy to maintain hairstyle for everyone. Ombré hair is also famous among celebrities, like Lauren Conrad, Britney Spears, Jessica Biel and many more. Apart from the celebs that have taken hold of the hairstyle, the ombré is popular because it is unbelievably versatile. It can be the outside of the norm punkish rebel. It can be sun kissed surfer chick. Or it can be the red carpet chic. Dramatic or Subtle ombré hairstyle is defined by the person who wears it. Because of less maintenance, it is one of the most economical hair colors. Ombré can work well with any hair tone or texture and can smoothly go from chic to punk. While there are no hard and fast rules defining the ombré hairstyle, if you have medium or long hair, Ombré will work the best.

Are there any considerations before going ombre?

There are a few things to consider before going for the ombre look. The first is color choice - whether you want to go for a natural look with lightened ends, or something more drastic and colorful. The second is your hair texture - if your hair is naturally curly, the ombre effect may be more subtle than if it's straight.

To get the best results, I recommend asking your stylist to give you professionally made ombre hairstyle. They'll be able to choose the right color and create a look that will perfectly suit your face and personality.

Ombré Hairstyle Process

The ombré hair color is a tailored multi-dimensional highlighting process. For the best results, your hairstylist must be an expert at multi-dimensional highlight formulas that can blend lawlessly from one shade to another on the same hair section. Because It is a creative hairstyle, the highlights must be balayage or hand-painted. If you try to use foils or classic highlighting patterns will result in an ombré hair that will not quite make the cut and could even ruin your hairstyle.

Vibrant Salon and Spa have been providing their clients with brilliant highlight results for years now. If you want to try ombre hairstyle come visit our hair salon located in Fredericton. We will be happy to give you the perfectly customized ombré hairstyle to fit you precisely. We use only quality hair color products that are best for hair health and offer predictable color results from one process to the next.

Low Maintenance hair color

As I said, earlier Ombré hair color needs less maintenance as compared to others. You can decide what length you want the roots to be, and for keeping it there, you need to visit your hairstylist once after every two months for touch ups.


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