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Which is the best place for Pampering services, Medical Spa or Day Spa?

The spa is a great place to relax and unwind from stress. They provide a wide-ranging of services to help you feel and look perfect. But, there is a huge difference between a day spa and a medical spa, so it is very important to understand that what services you are looking for and for getting those services where you have to go, Medispa or day spa. Both types of spas offer beauty treatments that enhance your look and increase your self-confidence and may provide certain crossover services; they normally do not provide similar types of beauty treatments. If you are looking around for a specific beauty treatment, this article helps you to know what treatments they offer so you can make the right decision for better results.

Medical Spa Services

A medical spa may not offer manicures or messages, unlike a day spa, but they focus on a beauty treatment that uses advanced technology to enhance your body and skin condition. These kinds of beauty treatments offer permanent and long-term results for several types of problems related to hair removal, fat reduction, unwanted pigmentations, cellulite removal, muscle enhancement, broken capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and many more skin and hair problems. At a bare minimum, most Medispas will offer main services, including laser skin therapy, laser hair removal, photo facials, etc. In big towns or city, they might also offer further beauty services such as facial fillers like Botox injections, teeth whitening, anti-aging treatments, hydraFacial, and body shaping.

Day Spa Services

Unlike Medical Spas, Day spas focus on the types of beauty treatment you may be able to get at a salon. Most of them offer to its customer the pampering services like Facial, haircut and style, manicures and pedicures, waxing hair removal, and several different types of hair services like hair extensions and hair color. Although day spas offer some special facials treatment as well, these facials usually include such cosmetics as seaweed masks or clay to soften or tighten skin instead of using the latest technologies. The treatments which are offered at ordinary spas are suitable for a short period of time, and for long-lasting results, the only solution is the latest Medical Spa Services.

Medical Spa Staff

A Medispa normally has medically trained staff involved in the business, and these medically trained technicians either control or consult on all of the services. Treatments not performed by a doctor are often performed by a licensed Esthetician, specifically an expert in the services the Medical spa provides. A medical spa generally only hires a medically trained team. Staff for both types of spas is insured.

Day Spa Staff

When we talk about Day spa, no widespread techniques are typically done. They don’t use medical grade equipment the way a Medical spa does. Most of their treatment involves pedicures, manicures, massages, waxing. Most of these normal spas are not mandatory to hire medically trained staff to offer these kinds of treatments, facial and nail services are performed by certified technicians. Ordinary spas also generally do not have a medically trained staff on site.

What should be your Choice?

In the end, the decision of which spa to go to for pampering yourself will depend on what kind of atmosphere and treatments you are interested in. Normal spas are more stylish and comfy because they pay attention to client relaxation so that they do feel better. Medical spas are habitually more determined in appearance and may feel more like a medical place. While the results of the day spa treatments are mostly short-lived and need persistent sessions, Medispa treatments will have positive and long-lasting results for your appearance and health. If you want aesthetic enhancements that provide long term benefits, then your choice should be a Medical Spa.