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Men's laser hair removal Fredericton - A complete guide

Men's laser hair removal fredericton

Men's laser hair removal is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted body hair. This is a popular medical spa treatment that has been around for decades and continues to get more and more popular. The technology behind the machines is constantly improving, which means that you will always be getting the best results possible with this hair removal method. More importantly, men are coming out in droves to try this procedure because it offers a safe way for them to remove their body hair without having to worry about shaving every day or waxing their back, chest, shoulders, stomach or legs!


How laser hair removal for men work?

It works by sending focused beams of light through the hair follicle to disable its ability to grow without damaging or disrupting the skin's outer surface. Due to its ability to target the hair's pigment, laser hair removal is a highly accurate and comfortable process. Furthermore, some advanced laser machines like we own have a wide beam that can simultaneously treat multiple hair follicles at once.


Why laser hair removal popular among men?

With a high success rate and effectiveness, laser hair removal for men is gaining popularity. Here are some of the reasons why men love this permanent hair removal treatment.


Fast and Effective

In most cases, laser hair removal can be scheduled during your lunch hour so that you can get back to your regular routine immediately. However, you must wait 24 hours after the treatment before you can do a sweat session.


Shape Beard

A male laser process can also be used to shape his designer beard. It neatens the beard line and eliminates irritation from collar rash or stray hair on the cheeks and neck by reducing the thickness and coarseness of the hair.


Permanent results

Men can finally stop shaving altogether with laser hair removal because it drastically reduces unwanted hair growth. The regrowth rate is determined by hormones and other biological factors, which vary from person to person. However, normally after getting around 6 laser treatment sessions, you don’t need further treatment for 18 months or more.  


No Ingrown hair

Another significant benefit of the treatment why men love this; there will be no ingrown hair. Waxing, shaving, and workouts that cause sweat and chafing are common causes of ingrown hair. It is caused by uneven hair breaking or by dry skin that prevents normal hair growth from occurring from the follicles. Ingrown hair are prevented by laser hair removal, which weakens then kills the hair.


No more shaving or waxing?

Because laser hair removal procedures stop/decrease hair regrowth, you don’t need to shave or wax your hair. It saves time and money because it offers long lasting results.


Painless Procedure

As compared to shaving, waxing and threading, laser hair removal is considered a painless procedure. However, you may feel as if a rubber band is being snapped across your skin during the session. After the process, mild discomfort is possible as well. But it goes away within 24 to 48 hours after treatment.


Now finally, let's discuss men laser hair removal cost. Well, it depends on a different factor. Generally, one session of laser treatment to remove hair from the shoulder and back will cost you around 270$. You can ask your service provider about their services menu to have a price idea about other body parts.


Now hope you have all the information you might need to decide about this cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted body hair. You can visit your nearest medispa, or if you are from Fredericton, then visit Vibrant Salon and Spa and book your appointment to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.


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